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Mugalula & Omalla Advocates is one of the highly specialized law firms in Uganda

It’s our goal to provide our clients with affordable, practical and reliable legal and litigation solutions in labour & Employment law, Real Estate & Matrimonial Property, Corporate and tax advisory and foreign investments

Who we are

Mugalula & Omalla Advocates is one of the highly specialized law firms in Uganda and is committed to providing unparalled client service with outstanding results of exceptional value. It’s our goal to provide our clients with affordable, practical and reliable legal and litigation solutions in labour & Employment law, Real Estate & Matrimonial Property, Corporate and tax advisory and foreign investments. This specialist legal practice significantly reduces on the turnaround time for completing instructions given to us by our clients in the areas of property law, employment and corporate advisory and Tax.

Our Services

Matrimonial Property and Real Estate


Employment and labour

Foreign investment

Corporate and Commercial

Knowing what the client wants Creates an efficient relationship

Our Team

The firm has six professional staff members comprising of three partners, a legal assistant and one legal clerk.  The firm’s vision is to gradually add new professional staff members in order to ensure continued growth and efficiency. The firm’s professional staff is supported by support staff members.

Our Expertise

Corporate Law

We ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers

Matrimonial Property and Real Estate

In advising our clients in areas of real estate and matrimonial property, our target is to make sure that our clients get the deal and the transaction efficiently and effectively done.  Real estate transactions and conveyancing are becoming ever more complex in Uganda. With deep legal insight and business perspicacity, we approach complex land transactions and deals with a hand on ability to deliver results in a timely and professional manner. It is our policy to attend to each transaction uniquely and ensure that the entire process, right from the due diligence, investigation of title, documentation, through conveyancing to financing, is executed with diligence and expedience.

Employment and labour

We represent our clients across the full spectrum of employee-related legal issues. John Mugalula, the Partner in charge of this area has practical experience working with clients of all sizes. Having handled some of the largest and pioneering Labour disputes in Uganda’s Industrial Court, John has become a go to advisor for several local companies and individuals with new and unusually complex or large scale labour and employment matters.

As a result, the Firm has established a dedicated department offering our clients access to a dynamic employment practice that is able to manage the most complex situations.


Some of the services offered by our employment practice includes advising on, preparation and structuring of employment agreements, Defending client interests in the Industrial Court, Labour Officer and other Courts of Judicature to avert or manage the risk of potential reputational damage.  Advising on employment or service provider relationships including outsourcing, benefits and leave, breach of employment contract, discrimination, and workers compensation among others.

We provide advice on preparation, review and bringing up-to-date of human resource policy manuals to ensure compliance with current labour laws and best practices in the hugely dynamic labour market. We also conduct annual training sessions to ensure effective compliance with the labour laws.

We advise employers in conducting intermittent employment audits as a proactive measure to ensure that their policies and practices are in compliance with applicable Ugandan laws.

We advise on restructuring and redundancies of staff during any merger and acquisition or for purposes of creating efficiency within the organization.


Our litigation and dispute resolution department headed by Mr Omalla Deogratious has a philosophy which is based upon working to understand the needs of the client for each and every case. In litigation, we blend experience with innovation when representing client before tribunals, courts and government departments. We proactively work to resolve disputes efficiently which calls for suitable strategy for each matter, to ensure outstanding results.


We unceasingly advise clients on risk management and compliance issues in fields as diverse as real estate, commercial contractual relationships, and relationships between our clients and the regulators. We work with our clients to identify areas of potential legal risk exposure and to devise preventative management steps. We believe that our clients benefit from our lawyers’ commercial awareness. We therefore focus on specific industry sectors to ensure that our lawyers really understand each client’s business and offer relevant advice.

Foreign investment

We advise clients on how to profitably invest in Uganda. We understand that it can be cumbersome to commence business in a foreign country but since we leave in a global market, seamless business integration and investments abound. We advise on foreign company registration, acquisitions and licensing in Uganda.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed through offering the best Law practices and services for all their Legal needs

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