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Mugalula John is a Partner of Mugalula & Omalla Advocates and heads the employment and Labour law practice. His area of specialization covers both litigation and advisory in employment law, labour unions, social security, workers compensation and Human Resource. John is certified contributing member of the World Bank Doing Business Project for Uganda 2019 in the area of   Labor Market Regulation (www.

Having handled some of the largest and pioneering Labour disputes in Uganda’s Industrial Court, John has become a go to advisor for several local companies with new and unusually complex or large scale labour and employment matters. John’s exposure to the Employment and Industrial Law Committee of the International Bar association has helped him stay current with the global and employment trends in international Labour law. John has also published a number of articles on critical areas of law in Uganda.

John is Member of the Uganda Law Society (ULS), East African Law Society (EALS), and Research & Publications Committee of the ULS, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. John is also the Uganda law Society Corporate Representative to the Mildmay General Assembly. He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) with Honours- Upper second from Makerere University Kampala (MUK), a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre (LDC), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Income Tax & Revenue Administration.

John is currently authoring the following books: “The Law of matrimonial property in East Africa” which is pending publication by Law Africa and Employment & Industrial Relations law which is also pending publication with Law Africa.


  • John Mugalula (2009), “Critical analysis of the law relating to bail in contemporary Uganda”. Journal of the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) Faculty of Law, Makerere University. Volume 1, Number 2 December 2009 at pp 330-357.


  • John Mugalula (2011) “Demystifying the question of migrant workers: Present challenges and the way forward.(Unpublished) -Awarded a scholarship by the International Bar Association (IBA) to attend the IBA 2011 Dubai Conference after submitting this captivating paper.



  • John Mugalula (2010) “A safe and Healthy Workplace: Whose Role is it? Occasional Paper Series No.2 (Unpublished). Awarded a scholarship by the International Bar Association (IBA) to attend the IBA 2010 Vancouver Conference.


  • John Mugalula (2010) “Uncovering Uganda’s Environmental Taxation” Occasional Paper Series No.1. Also Available at’S%20ENVIRONMENTAL%20TAXATION.pdf


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